1 month Toy free for the Challenge

Terms of use

We all have to do those boring legal stuff. 
But, just so you know, by downloading you are accepting these following terms. 

- You can use the character rig and/or picker for most any educational purpose.

- You CAN’T use ToyRig for any commercial use.

- You can only modify ToyRig colour shades. Other changes must be consulted with owner by sending an email to info.toyrig@gmail.com .

- You CAN use ToyRig for your demo reel or animation contest.

- You have to attribute each time you use ToyRig in the credits or on screen during a presentation: “ToyRig by Jorge Vigara”

-You can't give ToyRig or the AnimSchool Picker plug-in to others, including modified versions or parts.
- You can't use ToyRig for any content which is is pornographic, sexually explicit, lewd, obscene, or excessively violent,promotes or condones illegal activities, or incites hate or violence against an ethnic, religious, or protected group.

© 2019 ToyRig propriety of Jorge Vigara.