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Join us and have unlimited access to all ToyRigs - forever and ever!

All our Toy rigs have been created by recognized artists so you can just focus on learning, having fun and telling the stories you want

All available for training, demo reel and personal shot purposes. Are you a school and you want to use it too? Sure! Give us a "hey" and we'll assist you. 

"I had the pleasure to follow the development of Toy Rig very closely and I'm testimony of the amount of heart Jorge put into it. Only someone as experienced and talented as him could come up with such an amazing rig, so much appeal, so much cartoony flexibility and yet super simple for animators, it's the whole package! I'm just glad that he made such a jewel available for the community "

Alan Camilo 

animBot Founder

Learning animation?
Boosting your skills?

Use ToyRig to learn 3d animation or to if you are looking to improve your current skills check out We have a large offering of online courses, live courses and Stream access to all our catalogue with +400 hours of learning content by the hand of recognized artists.  

Watch what other artists have done with ToyRig

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