ToyRig is a AAA character rig by AAA film professionals for learning animators and reel purposes.


If you are a new Toy user follow the installation instructions inside the download file and write me back to :

to get your free 1 week license. 

He loves teaching

Are you a teacher and want to use ToyRig for that purpose? Or are you a student and you'd like to learn with ToyRig?


About Jorge Vigara

Hi! I'm a character animator with almost 15 years on the film animation industry and currently my focus on this field is about helping others to be creative animators as I keep exploring my own creativity. 

Feel free to contact for asking any questions you may have or just saying hi:

3D Animation courses available NOW!

Follow the warrior path & improve your animation skills using ToyRig by the hand of Jorge Vigara - 15 year experience in the 3d animation film industry.


Alan Camilo - AnimBot , Sony Imageworks

"I had the pleasure to follow the development of Toy Rig very closely and I'm testimony of the amount of heart Jorge put into it. Only someone as experienced and talented as him could come up with such an amazing rig, so much appeal, so much cartoony flexibility and yet super simple for animators, it's the whole package! I'm just glad that he made such a jewel available for the community"

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